Horse Back Riding and the Alamo

Tupiza was quite a surprise.  A small ton of about 29,0000 with dusty dirt roads  and rugged dessert landscapes.   We discovered this to be the town where the infamous Butch Cassidy and The Sun Dance kid met their demise.  This led us to feel the need to take a horse back ride to the Cordillera de Chicas and the red dessert rock of the Devils Door.  Looking for a bite in this dusty town we came across the Alamo restraunt.  Here we ate excellent tacos and burritos while watching 1990’s replays on the American Country Music Awards on a TV and Bart Simpson full size statues clad in leather chaps.  The following day this sleepy town cam alive with marching band and parade as they commemorated the “Dia del Mar” “Day of the Sea” noting the war in which Bolivia loss their access to a Pacific Port and thus becoming landlocked


Salar De Uyuni​


The Salar De Uyuni, the Worlds Largest Salt Flats at about 11,0000 square kilometres and 12,000 feet above sea level.  We set out with Quecha 4×4 tours with Solomon and Augustine our fabulous guides and spent an indescribable day on the flats.  We posed for some great perspective shots, followed by an unforgettable picnic lunch.  The Weather got cold and hot chocolate was inorder as we waited for the sun to set.  Was Stunning.


Our next stop was Sucre, at 2820 meters above sea level this sweet little city is known as the “chocolate capital of Bolivia”. While we are still super keen on the Cofler block chocolate bars (South American company) we certainly didn’t shy away from all the gourmet chocolate shops in town. Here once again we settled in to catch up on school. The kids have a goal to finish in the next couple of weeks so we can go back to our travels without assignments looming in the background. So we settled in to the Escondida hostel and set to work. Along the way we toured about town, visited the serene Sucre cemetery, met a little scorpion friend in our room and went to the amazing Espacio Cultural Origenes Restaurant to see a live Bolivian traditional dance program. Both Jack and Scott were brought up on stage (I have been banned from posting the video). As a fun side / educational day we spent time navigating the medical system as we sourced out and received our Yellow Fever vaccines. While not on the top of the kids list of highlights, sourcing out where and how to get the vaccines through our terrible Spanish and broken translation is all part of the adventure and learning.

A slow Sunday wondering around town

A day of vaccinations and adventure.

Espacio Cultural Origenes Restaurant 




La Paz, Bolivia – still flying high at 3,640 m, we loved this city!!  Here we stayed in the Sopocachi neighbourhood which put us in one of the more modern areas we have seen in a while.  Staying in an Air BNB also gave us allowed us some daily normalcy of groceries nad home cooked food. 

We spent time checking out the views from the Teleférico ( the Ariel cable car system of 8 routes that connect La Paz to El Alto city at 4150m -high). This journey which took about 1 and a half hours to make the circuit, provided stunning views of this city. 

Later hanging out at the “Witches Market” or El Mercado de las Brujas located in Cerro Cumbre, Jack tried on some looks although no potions were purchased. 



At the Las Olas Hostal in Copacabana, Bolivia. Here we stayed for our time at Lake Titicaca, the world’s highest navigable lake and more importantly considered to be the birthplace of the Incas. Thus we enjoyed our funky shell inspired home and we loved our visit to the Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun) adventure came when Scott was snorted on by the llamas in our garden and Grace and Finn were the unlucky ones to experience food poisoning on our night bus bound for Cusco forcing us to abandon ship and get off the bus in Puno instead to Cusco.  Sometime the adventure truly is in the adventure. 

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