We gladly got off the boat and grabbed our bags and went on a tuck tuck witch has only three wheel and got dropped off at our new hotel. I took a wile to check in but i was patient. We got our room key and then settled in. I was hungry so we al went for lunch my mom was so sick she was vomiting in the toilet constantly so she could not come for lunch. We found a great restaurant serving indian food (it was so spicy). When we got back to the apartment it was about 3pm so our lunch was more like a dinner anyway after a wile of sitting around i got a little hungry so we went up to our roof top restaurant and got a plate of french fries and finished my day with a night time swim in the pool. The next day we did some school and on breaks we would go up stairs for a swim bit on one break we found a bees nest in a tree by the pool but it must have been splashed or something so the bees swarmed around the pool and there must have been millions of them but most of them fell in the pool. The next dat we dot on a bus and drove to seam reap it was not a long drive. We got to our hotel and we were politely greeted with refreshing wet towels and some delicious tea. At this hotel there was a infinity pool and a swim up bar we settled in we got dinner and went bed. In the morning we got served a delouse breakfast after that i went for a swim. Not long after we went for a walk on the way we saw a nail salon so i decided to get gel nail they are so long. The next day we went to a rat farm where the rats sniff out the land mines (that was so cool). The next day we went zip lining that was so fun until at the last one i started getting really dizzy we finished but i started getting a huge headache so i sat down and ate a banana and drank some water we got on the bus to go for lunch i started feeling worse. We got to the restaurant and i laid down. After a half hour i stood up and walked out side a immediately thru up right in front of the restaurant. We went home and i took a nap i woke up feeling much better. The next day we went to the famous and beautiful Anchor Wat. We took a tuck tuck at 4 am to go there we saw the sun rise and the sun set in-front of the beautiful temple there was more than one temple near it so we went to those even including the one in the movie Laura croft tomb rater that was an amazing yet long journey.             

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