An early morning flight from Hannover to Zagreb for a one night stay before another early morning departure on a 3 hour bus to Zadar.  The kids fared great as always.  Travelling a bit lighter compliments of Eurowings who lost Jacks backpack in transit.  I was pleased and surprised to see that Jack the loss of his belongings did not phase him – he was just  pleased not to have a large bag to carry on the journey.  

We arrived in Zadar and found our apartment in the Old City.  Days here were spent discovering hidden streets and great swim spots.  After 8 weeks of busy days sight seeing, museum hoping and conquering as many long stair cases as we could find we welcomed a break to just hang out. swim and treasure our first apartment with air conditioning.  


Zaton & Dubrovnik

A week later we drove down the coast for some quiet  8km outside of Dubrovnik in Zaton.  We stayed in a lovely apartment steps from the sea with a quiet beach and lazy seaside cafes.  Uncle Colin joined us for this leg of the journey and participated in some great adventures including eating unintentional sushi (the fish was extremely undercooked / rare) on our boat trip around the islands and having some great wipeouts on the Wibit.  Surprisingly Grace and Finn ate the raw fish like champions champions- Jack and I went for the vegetarian option.  

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