The first place we went to in Croatia was Zagreb. The airport lost jacks back pack it was a tragedy and we spend at least one hour talking to lost and found. They said they would look for it and return it to us. Our apartment in Zegreb was great we only stayed there for one night.

The next  place we went to was Zadar.

The old city was amazing and the town is beautiful but there were  so many tourists it was busy busy. We went to the Sea organ where the sea makes music by going in and out of tunes under the ground and we went into a very old church.

The next place we went to was Zaton. Our apartment was right by the beach and my mom saw a turtle and I saw many Gekos. Finally Jack’s bag came in and we were so happy.  We also went into Dubrovonic and spent tons of time there.  We also went on a floating play ground and  went on a three island boat tour and  had tons of time.  My favourite part of Croatia was the beach at our apartment in Zaton


Our fantastic beach just a few steps away

OUr Great Fish and Boat Adventure



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