Hey there It’s me Finn This is my first blog for my world trip in fact It might have been one of my first blog’s ever.

First Impression of London: 



The Goose pub and Tower Bridge

Low Light

Loud and Smelly London Apartment 

The Natural History Museum

The natural history Museum was probably one of my favorite parts.  The favorite part of the natural history museum was probably seeing all the dinosaur bones.  We were there for about five hours looking at all he amazing artifacts.  Here is a picture of my favorite.

The Goose Pub:

The goose pub was right across the street from our apartment and they served awesome food and one of the only places I would find Coke in a bottle.


One of my favorite parts about Bromly was probably seeing some of my relatives that I have never met before I also really like the giant field for playing Soccer

Other thoughts

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