Germany was wonderful!! The fist place we went in Germany was Munich. Munich was amazing we stayed in a great apartment with terrible Wi-Fi and  went to a restaurant with super huge pizza.  Me and Jack and my dad went to the BMW Museum and we all went to the Lindt chocolate store and spent a lot of money on Chocolate.


Next we went to Nuremberg. Our apartment was much better than the previous one. Near our apartment there was a huge park that we loved. In Nuremberg we went on paddle boats in the shape of animals, played at the park where we went to a science and nature fair that had  ots 



Next we went to Berlin.  Berlin was awesome!  Some of the main things we saw  was the was the Berlin Wall which is super tall.  It was that used to separate Germany after World War 2 ended.  It was torn down.  In the photo gallery there are many pictures of what is left of the wall there is tons of graffiti on it. We were also gonna go on a hot air balloon but in the end we did not.😢t


The last place was my favourite because we got to see Anna and her family in Hannover. We did many things together.  We did cooking lessons from Annas mom Krista.  We also went to see the tallest fountain in Europe

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