In  the morning we got up at five am to go to Italy and I was so tired.  We got to the airport and  we got on the plane and had a great flight.  When we finally got to Italy the first thing we ate was airport pizza, which was funny because we were all so excited about Italian food, but were so hungry our first meal was airport cafeteria pizza.  it wasn’t very good. We got our rental car and we were driving from Rome to Sorrento.  We followed the GPS and it was supposed  to take us 3 hours but in the end it took us 6 hours.  Let me tell you why.  We had to go through a lot of traffic that cost us 3 hours. We got to Sorrento and our apartment was in a smaller town called Sant’ Agata.  To get there We went in this tiny road  not knowing it would get smaller to 1 meter and our car was 2 meters but thankfully a kind man guided us out. We got to our apartment and then finally went out for a nice Italian diner.  I had ravioli and it was the. Best pasta i have ever had in my whole life . The next week we were in school so nothing important happened.  However, on Saturday we hiked down to Sorento and then hiked back up.  It was very tiring but worth it for the view.  


Pompei & Vesuvius

The next day we went to Pompei  and that was cool.  Thinking about what happened and where we stood had alot of history and a cool story.   We had a great view of mount Vesuvius.  On Tuesday we climbed mount Vesuvius and that was so much fun it was really windy but had a stunning view. I got this owl made of volcanic ash and also got earrings made of volcanic ash. On the way down I collected some volcanic rock. We started and finished school after Vesuvius.  That hike was one of the hi-lights of my trip so far. The rest of the week was an ordinary school week and finally it is the weekend no school for two days freedom! On Sunday we went to a beach and it was so beautiful  it was called Bagni Della Regina Giovanna. The water was so clear although i got a couple cuts from the sharp rocks under water and there were so many fish feeding off of the algae! There was so many caves and we cliff dived off of some rocks and there are some pictures on our instagram showing that. We swam in a swimming hole but there was no sit down spaces so we changed spots most of the time I was afraid of the Megladon but the water was to beautiful to stay away! The next place we went to was Rome.   


Rome was beautiful, although it was very dirty, the were many Roman landmarks. The first land mark was the famous Colosseum. It was incredible and it was only a 20 minute walk from were we were staying. We met up with our old exchange student Anna (but we consider her as our sister) and we went to the Vatican together. In the Vatican we saw many Roman artifacts that were so awesome and we even went into the Sistine Chapel which I thought was incredible.  We went into many churches. The next place we went to was Venice. 



Venice was my favourite because the are no noisy cars but there are only boats because the road is replaced by water/ocean and it  is so beautiful.  Some houses are flooded and there are many stair cases with algae on them. We went on many water buses to get from island to island. Today we went to Murano to see blown glass we saw people melting glass to create Jewellery and ornaments which was amazing. I though that it was so cool! The very next day we went to a wonderful castle and a tower that we climbed and we also saw a very beautiful church. In side the church were many incredible paintings and I touched many pillars that crumbled and a tiny speck of dust. The tower we climbed reminded me of Repunzel it had 333 steps and at the top was great it was one of the best views ever. Last but not least  was the old palace. The palace was my favourite  because of the incredible art on the ceiling. The celling caught my eye right as I waked in. We knew that it was the last day with our beloved Anna so we tried to spend every second with her that the next morning at 5am we waked with Anna to say good bye.

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