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The highlight of my trip is meeting new people like second cousins and great aunts and uncles. London wasn’t anything I expected it to be like. Our first apartment was okay but the hallway up to our room smelled like dead cheese because there was garbage bag in the middle of it. The stairs killed my legs because there was almost as many stairs as Notre Dame (378). Our apartment was pretty cramped but not too much but there was no open concept what so ever. It was crazy loud and there was even drunk people singing outside and you could hear them all night. Sirens were going off 24/7 so it was very hard to sleep even though the beds were crazy comfortable. We went on a hop On hop off bus tour and  saw really cool stuff and some of the stuff was really old we even saw the Queens Castle but not inside of course. We stayed in London for a week and on Thursday we went to Bromley.


We took a train to Bromley that was about a half an hour.  We  finally got to Bromley and took a cab to our apartment which was so much better than the one in London. By the way Bromley is another place in England. Our apartment was in a gated community and very fancy.  

The owner met us and showed us all the locks to the place.  As I walked in it was so tidy and clean and so much better than the one in London and the hallway did not smell like dead cheese! I started running around searching for my room I got even more happy that I am sleeping with my mama later that night my Great uncle Colin came over to see me and my family by the way my mom took me when I was a baby to meet her family but of course I do not remember that. Uncle Colin gave me an England Jersey because we were going to go to a pub and watch the game of course I wasn’t paying attention and I do not know who won. At the pub I met all my relatives and that was my favorite part of England. We have many days with our relatives


  • Meeting my relatives
  • Brighton Seasinde and penny arcadE
  • Going to Tilgate Park and playing in the Wipe Out Zone
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