so far so good

Awesome Adventures: Whats Working:

  • Navigating public transport: the kids are amazing and enjoy figuring out tube maps and stations, bus lines and shortest walking routes
  • Everyone works as a team: Kids are helping carry groceries and are engaged in the day to day
  • Settling in at night – days are busy out and about – at night we spend time in the epic year long card tournament then everyone goes there seperate ways – some piece and quite and well needed alone time.
  • Impermanence:  there are some homesick moments – but reminding the kids that everyday is different seems to help – teaching them that nothing is permanent – good or bad – everything changes –  this has worked thus far…..only 3 weeks in 🙂

Fantastic Finds:

  • Bromley House (Airbnb)- The location, home and host were outstanding five stars.  Right next to a quiet park, running trails and supermarket.
  • Paris apartment – OUTSTANDING – great location, magnificent and beautiful – 
  • Tilgate Park (England) fabulous time for the kids with a Wipe Out Zone / petting Zoo, Lake – had a great day

Lessons Learned

  • We are not city peeps:  While public transport is convenient – the city is draining – too many people – thus to stay local and have the advantage of easy transport – or stay out and commute in for sights…….yet to decide.
  • Down days are mandatory:  Rest is needed – travel days are tiring and we all get cranky – time alone and simple rest keeps us sane
  • NO screens!: The kids are allowed screen time only after diner and family time.  We are sure that if the day starts with screens,  surprisingly – no one would ever want to go out.  The same is said for travel – trains etc – better to see the real world than an electronic one.
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