OK first we landed in Athens.  We had an apartment in the city that was cool because it had four TVs.The first night we went out for dinner and the next day we went on a bus tour and saw the Acropolis.  It wasnt what I expected.  It was much bigger than I expectedI was also surprised that it was being restored when we were there.

On our last day we went out for dinner to a very fancy restaurant for my moms birthday.The next day was travel day.we got up at 7:00 in the morning to go on a nine hour fairy ride to Crete.

On the fairy we felt like we were the the only ones there on our seating level.After a little while we decided to go get something to eat. I got pasta and bread rolls.A few hours go by and we’re there.then after that nine hour ride we went and found a taxi to take us on a one hour drive to our rental home.About a week past and went to the reptile rescue centre and aquarium

Where we got to hold snakes and lizards. It was pretty cool there because there was lots of animals.  I got to hold baby snake it was pretty heavy for us it’s size and there were two of them I held one and Grace held one. After that we went to Kaossos where we saw the ruins of the first palace ever built in Europe. when I was there and I’m really in enjoyed staying there even though of the heat but but I did see peacock which was pretty cool.After about a week we started home schooling and the weeks just fly by.After a few days of school we went to water city extreme water park.


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On our last day in Greece we went to Prevely beach and I found bamboo roots and they looked almost like hockey sticks.we used an apple 🍎 core for a puck.after a little while I started to make some Inukshoks and some turned into many and many turns into allot.

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  1. Hi Finn, I think you are having a great time and might never come home, The leaves are all yellow and red here,we are having a long time of warm weather,and will be buying ski passes soon. Vivian

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