After Spain we started towards Israel.  We went on a four hour drive to Madrid in Spain.  We stayed there for one night and then left to go to the airport for the five hour plane ride t get to Israel. 

Arriving in Tel Aviv we got our rental car we drove to our apartment in Jerusalem to settle in for the next ten days.  When we were there we walked to the Old City to check out the market  Here when you buy something  you have to bargain for it and the price is never official  while We  went in to a few different market stall but didn’t buy anything. After the market we went to the Western Wall.  The Western Wall, or “Wailing Wall”, is the most religious site in the world for the Jewish people.  The next day we went to one of my moms old friends form her travels and had lunch with her and her daughter Kai.  While we were there we went to a beach about ten minutes away from their house and enjoyed the great sand and gelato. 

While we were in Jerusalem we also did a day volunteer work.  We made up bags of Kosher bread and boxes of vegetables for victims of terror.  We got to meet a-lot of really fun people.  We had a great time.





After Jerusalem we went to Eilat and on the drive we stoped at the Dead Sea to swim for a while.  The reason it is called the Dead Sea is because the water is so salty it’s impossible for anything to survive in it and when you took your feet of the bottom of the water you would just float and if you tried to stand it was next to impossible.

Once we got to Eilat we unpacked our luggage and settled into our apartment. On our first night we walked down the road to get some food from a small restaurant. After a few days we drove  down to a beach to play there for a few hours before going back to the apartment. Most of the time in Eilat we have been catching up on school.  But next week we go to Jordan for a couple of days

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