We flew into Spain not long ago and took a taxi down to Barcelona the taxi made me feel kind of car sick but the sights are phenomenal. We got to our apartment and I felt like going straight to  bed but it was way to early. The first thing we did the next day was go see a very famous c – La Sagada Famillia.  It is famous because it has been in construction for one hundred years.  I thought it was amazing but insane. On the beautiful walk home we had a discussion about a surprise my parents had for us.  So we headed to this place expecting it to be closed but gladly it was open and it was a remote control go carting area so we went in and had so much fun and you go so fast. The very next day we went on a metro up to the top of the mountain witch is gorgeous the big church looked even bigger we went to a incredible Olympic stadium that was meant for soccer and we took many pictures. The next day we went on a lovely walk and went to many wonderful sights made by a famous artist Gaudi. That same day at 4:00we went in side the famous Gaudi church and it was one of the most beautiful things i had ever seen.  There was so many walls made of stained glass and it looked like a forest because of the pillars when the sun shined on the stained glass it lit up the entire room in many colours.The very next place we went to in Spain was Madrid we took a very long bus ride to Madrid and a taxi picked us up from there we relaxed for the rest of the day. Today we met up with our grandparents we went to a nice restaurant that served melted chocolate with doughnuts it was so good, we also went on a hop on hop of with-our Nana and Papa but it started to rain, however  we even saw parrots in the park.


The next place we went to was Elat we went on a 4 hour drive and passed through Massada. Massada was so incredible it kinda reminded me of Pompeii.  We spent about 3 hours up there. We also passed through the dead sea ……now that was amazing.  If you went on your back you would float without trying – you had no choice and you would have to fight the water to put your feet down.  It was so salty. When we finally got to our apartment it was dark but the most surprising thing of all was that the lights on the other side of the beach was Jordan.  After we just settled in and went to bed. The next couple days were long school days so nothing different but on Wednesday after school we went to a Dolfin Reef where you can swim with dolphins so me and my mom went to the docks to decide if we were going to do it and i saw my first dolphin.  However we were able to see that the dolphin was in captivity and had not been rescued so we decided no to do it because we did not want to support this. Instead we went to the beach at sun set. The next days was school.  When it finally was the weekend we were free! We had a lazy day but we still went to the Red sea there were so many fish some were tropical and some were not but all were incredible. When we got home we face timed with my dog Nellie we miss her so much that was the highlight of the day.  We made a side trip to Jordan for a few days and when we got back from we went to the marathon and ran a 2 km race. The next day my mom and my brother ran a half marathon a we went to cheer them on and they did great and the rest of the day we relaxed.  The night we left we went back to my moms friend Hagit and she treated us to share in Hanuka celebrations and great food.

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