Sant' Agata

After our place in Crete we started heading to Italy to get to our new apartment. We went on a direct flight and then went to get a rental car to drive to our apartment.  The drive started out going good until the GPS started taking us down super skinny metre wide roads. When we finally got to our destination it was about midnight, arriving 4 hours late. After that we finally got into our apartment settled in And went out for dinner to get pasta and pizza.  The food was delicious but it wasn’t our first meal in Italy, the first meal we got was airport pizza.We got back to the apartment from dinner we went straight to bed 🛏. 

In the morning we ot up ate breakfast and got ready to do schooling for a couple hours. About two or three days pass and we decide to Walk to Sorento The town about an hour away, In Sorento We walked Down to the water 💦 and then got a delicious gelato. 

Pompeii / Vesuvius

Then we went to Pompeii The city that was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius but on a different day of course,when we were in Pompeii we saw probably  over one million destroyed houses an homes we only stayed there for about two hours because it was really hot out.  The day after Pompeii was when we hiked Mount Vesuvius.🌋on the top of the mountain the crater was huge,and we could see steam coming out of the top.



After our place in Sant’ Agata we drove to Rome, arriving on time.On our first day in Rome we went to the Coliseum and on a hop on hop off tour that took us all around Rome.  The tour was a great way to f  The day after that we saw the Treve Foutain, but sadly it was raining 🌧 and we didn’t have umbrellas but we did have rain jackets to keep us almost completely dry.  Then we met up with our friends Anna and her parents.  Of course while in Rome we went to Vatican City and saw the Sistine Chapel.  This day was very busy with people. The line to get in was huge, it took us 45 minuets to walk ten steps


Next we got to go to Venice going on a 4 hour train 🚊 ride to Venice and the hopping on a water 💧 taxi.Once we got to our rental house we saw the inside and it was huge on the inside and right beside one of the rivers where the boats 🚣‍♀️ go.  In Venice we saw amazing churches, blown glass in Murrano, and lots of Gelato.  We loved hanging out with Anna and her family.

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