Little Petra Bedioun Camp

We arranged everything through  the Little Petra Bedouin Camp where the hospitality is outstanding!  We were provided with a warm family welcome and kindness throughout our entire stay.  Waleed, Mohammad, Rafa and family were outstanding hosts.  Having mentioned interest in a desert camel ride, we were greeted by 5 camels and entertaining guides ready to take us on a desert tour.  On our return we were invited to tea by the fire where Jordanian bread was prepared and shared. 


Rafa invited to drive us to Little Petra where he entertained us with his lively personality, cries of  “Freedom” (a fan of the Braveheart movie) and knowledge of this amazing place.  At night after a fantastic meal we spent time in the group tent where Grace was given a Henna tattoo and to the kids shock they watched as their dad smoked watermelon flavoured tabaco via  the Hookah.   


The next day a jeep took us to backyard entrance where we hiked through Petra.  

The pictures say it all.

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