One day we left Israel and drove to the border from Israel to Jordan.  We wanted to go to Jordan and we walked through the border and that took forever .  When we finally got through and waited for our taxi. and the drive was 2 hours.  Finally we got to the Bedouin Camp and right away they asked us if we wanted to ride camels and we did! We got sore bottoms but we had so much fun.  My camel slipped in the mud and that was scary but she saved herself from falling.  It was fun when the camel lays down when you are on it because it leans far forward. Me and my mom where on a camel together. Later that day we went to Little Petra we saw incredible views and a cute puppy that could not stop biting. We had a fun time at the camp and when it got dark we went to the fire pit watching a women make bread it was so good.

After we ate a delicious dinner and then we went into our tent and got into our pjs then we went into the big tent and I got a henna flower tatoo.  We settled down after that and went to bed.

The next morning i woke up with a yummy breakfast and then went to Petra. We started by driving on a dessert bumpy road for 20 minutes we finally got to the hiking path and we got out of the car with aching backs.  We started walking and the truck drove away there were many steps to climb so we got started right away.  There were incredible views but we all new we had seen nothing yet. We finally saw the monastery.  The monastery is one of Petras old churches it was amazing we saw 2 donkeys and a horse as we climbed to the best view point in the world and then went back to walking we saw many more donkeys and goats.  We also saw camels.  As the day went on it got hotter and hotter but as time went bye we saw more incredible temples and then the real deal came the treasury were Indianan Jones was filmed.  Of course we could not go in side but the outside was so amazing it blew my mind. 3 hours went by and we made it to the end Petra was the hi-light of Jordan.  After we got ice cream and then went back to camp to pack up after about 30 min we left into the taxi we took 2 hours in the taxi and made it to the border and back into Isreal. Jordan was great.

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