After a fairly long yet adventurous flight from KL we landed in the fresh air and beauty of New Zealand.  Rental car sorted we headed to our sweet beach view BNB in Whangaparaoa.  The fresh air,  ability to drink tap water and eat fresh veggies was quite a big deal for the first few  days.   However this was quickly overshadowed by the natural beauty of this magnificent country.  Our first few days we explored the beaches  and parks in our surrounding area of Manly.  We his Shakespeare Regional park, Tawharanui Park, some great fish and chips and the highly recommended Charlies Gelato

Shakespeare Park

Mt Maunganui, Bay of Plenty

Papamoa Beach House


After a great few days we headed further south to our little beach house in Papamoa.  Again more beautiful weather, beaches and great people. 

Here we embarked on long driving adventures to visit Hobbiton and the Glowworms at the The Waitomo Caves.   

On our  “Steer Epic Adventure Day”  we began with Grace’s first mountain bike ride as we explored the Haku falls. This was followed by a tour of the Craters of the Moon geothermal park and then a dip in the hot river springs of Kerosene Creek.  The drive home brought us to Roturua where we capped the day off heading up the mountain  to cruise the various 2km Skyline Luge rides that wind down through the beautiful forest landscapes.

We were also excited to hear that  Heather lived only a few streets down the road, so a visit was in order.  We enjoyed a great lunch and loved checking out her cool digs.  

The Steer Epic Adventure Day

Haku Falls

Craters of the Moon

Carters of the Moon

Kerosene Creek

Rotorua Skyline Luge

Visit with Heather before Boogie Boarding at the Beach



Waitomo Caves

Waitomo Caves was an excellent experience.  Most in part thanks to our great guide Zane.  Zane kept the kids interested and entertained for the entire four our tour through three differing caves.  They learnt about local geography, history, indigenous animals, the pests known as “Squashum” and so much more.  The kids were following close behind Zane hanging on his every word.  Hands down the best guided tour experience we have encountered.

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