Our first place in Spain was in Barcelona.  We settled in to our apartment and went out to seeSagada  familia,a massive church designed by Gaudi a Spanish architect who designedamazing buildings.  The church has been under construction for about one hundred and thirty years and it is still not finished being built.  On the  next day we went to an electric race track for remote controlled cars close to our apartment. While  we were there we saw that there was more than just one race track and that there was about five different tracks to use.we stayed there for about twenty minutes and then walked back to the apartment.  On the last day we packed our bags early in the morning and then left as soon as we could to go to Madrid.



After our place in Barcelona we started heading towards Madrid.  We left our place in Barcelona at about seven in the morning and then waked  towards the bus that was going to take us to Madrid.  The bus ride was eight hours long.on the bus ride all we did was sit in our seats and kept our selfs occupied. Once we got to Madrid we took a short taxi ride to our apartment. When we were there  we met up with our nana and papa. On one of the days we rented bikes to ride in a park.  On one of the days we went on a tour bus around the city and stoped at a chocolate shoppe and got churros with chocolate sauce.


After our place in Madrid we started heading towards Cartagena, our last place in Spain.  It was a four hour drive to our apartment.  When we got there we met up with many relatives and stayed with them for two weeks before going to Israel. On our first night there we walked down to a beach bar about three minutes away from where we were staying and ordered pizza to have for dinner. In the morning we started our day with five hours of school and then walked down to the beach to play there for a few hours before going to a port to get a four course meal about an hour away from our apartment. Mostly we caught up on school, took Sassie the dog for morning walks and jumped the waves.  After a few days we went quad biking through the desert and to a lake on a path through the desert 🌵 mountains. ⛰


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