Thailand has to be one of my favourite places so far.  The first place in Thailand we went to was Koh Tao a beautiful island in the gulf of Thailand.  when we got to the island we took a taxi to our resort where we were going to stay. We unpacked our bags and relaxed after our long travel day.

    We went for lunch at a restaurant down the beach.  The restaurant had a sand covered floor and polished wooden benches.  we all got tai curry and we also met some other travellers that we  met in the beach side restaurant and had dinner with them.  The next day we went snorkelling in coral reefs and saw some beautiful fish and amazing coral with hundreds of colours and sizes. The reefs were covered in overgrowth of coral and a diverse and unique animals such as clams coral (coral is classified as an animal) and big colourful fish. It was like being in another world we went to about five different snorkelling places around the island but we didn’t get to go to the final place because there was a storm coming and our guide didn’t want to be in the water with big waves For the rest of the time at the resort we just worked on school.  Then we went to the other side of the island to a different resort that overlooked the beautiful ocean.


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