On one of the days in Vietnam we went on a fancy cruise through Ha Long Bay a sea filled with beautiful islands covered in green rainforest and filled with a variety of birds monkeys and other animals. On the boat we got two rooms.  One was for me Jack and Grace and the other room that  we ordered was for our mom and dad. On the first day we were on the boat we took a side boat to a beautiful  cove to kayak, we saw some small adorable monkeys while we were in the cove as well.  We went back to the big boat to have an eight course meal for a delicious lunch.  After lunch we rested in the rooms and watched Kong Skull Island because it was filmed in Ha Long Bay. Then we had an eight course meal dinner and it was delicious. After dinner we tried squid fishing but didn’t catch anything and then had a party on the roof of the boat.In the morning we started going back to the mainland before getting on a bus to our apartment where we were staying. This is an image of ha long bay.

THE endangered primate rescue center

We went to the EPRC (Endangered Primates Rescue Centre)to work with the endangered primates of Vietnam.once we got there we went into our rooms to relax after the nine hour drive to get there and Relaxed for the rest of the day. The first day of working we made food for the monkeys and toys for them.Next we got a tour of the entire centre and their was a lot of monkeys and their was different spices of monkeys to see as well.  We spent an entire week at the EPRC and we did a lot of activities, we hiked a mountain to a tower to see a panorama of the area and it was beautiful, and saw a snake go right across the path and then later learned That the snake Wes poisonous, we also went to a nearby lake for lunch and an ice cream. The next day we went to a massive multi level cave 20 km from where we were staying.the cave was very dark and wet and cold so I didn’t go in for a long time but it was really cool to see.  On our last day we went to a Christmas party and got a Vietnam shirt each and ate candy and chocolate.we got back at about nine o’clock and I read a Christmas story that I had from a school assignment and read it to my dad.

hoi ann

The next and final place we went to in Vietnam was a resort for Christmas and stayed there for a few days before going to Cambodia.  At the resort we had a 30 minute massage and swam in the ocean and on Christmas Day we were surprised to see that there were 10 presents on our beds(we were surprised because the entire trip is a present) all that we did at the resort was swim, and relax for an entire week.after the resort we started heading to Cambodia. On our way to Cambodia we went on a three day tour through Vietnam and stoping at a bee farm and tried fresh honey tea and saw about a thousand bees and listened to traditional Vietnam music. The next place we went to was a coconut farm and ate fresh coconut candy and saw how they made it. We actually bought some to take with us to the next stop which Wes a swamp where we took a boat ride and saw some birds in the trees as we went by the next thing we did was go to a restaurant and we ate some unusual but good food and then went to a rice paper and tried some rice noodles and saw a few giant Buda statues  ten we got a hotel to rest for the night and have breakfast in the morning. The next day we got back on the bus. The second day we went on a boat for five hours and stopped at the Cambodian border and we ate mangos off of the mango trees fresh and delicious then we went one more hour and got off the boat in Cambodia.


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