We got on the plain at 11:30 pm and and took of tiredly we were provided with a blanket, well more like a towel and a pillow I was a tiered mess the only cure for that is a sleep and that is what I did seeping for a long wile but woke up multiple times to the sound of the planes motor in the middle of the nite the sound on the speaker called for a medic. My mom proudly went and save the day on the plane we were served a lovely breakfast and soon enough got of the plane.

We stayed in the huge airport for a long time and we got Thai food not long after we boarded on to our  hour flight and took of, the jet-leg killed me and i could not sleep. We landed after ages and went to our taxi we drove to our stay home and settled in we went to get dinner and drink. We woke with a lovely breakfast that morning we went to get a mango smoothie and in that smoothie was an unfortunate surprise there must have been a plastic bag in  the blender and we drank a hole cup of plastic we went for a nice walk on a hunt for a bank machine  that would take our card.we found one and went home. The next day we did a day of school and that was ok we finished the day of with excitement for the next day.

Ha Long Bay

The next day came and started with waking up at 7 we got packed for the cruise and waited until the bus picked us up. We got on the bus and stayed there for 4 hours we finally got on the cruise and it was so nice it was like 5 star. By the way the cruise is in Halong Bay it s so beautiful.

We did many fun tours around Halong Bay some of the tours were we went to a magnificent beach were we climbed up 400 steps to a lovely view after that we happily ran into the water the water was cold at first but once you got your shoulders under it was wonderful and after we got on the boat and went to a cave we got of and got in a canoe we saw multiple monkeys and even baby monkeys a couple of monkeys were humping and the thing that they did that was mostly like us humans was fighting.and we finished that day with some fishing and a beautiful sun set the morning we got a nice breakfast and a welcoming drink-we did more activities like how we went into an  incredible cave but not on kayaks we. Had so much fun but we knew we had to leave soon we got back on the boat and packed our bags and headed for lunch we learned how to make spring rolls and then hit the docks. We got off and drove home when we got home we tiredly went to bed. The next morning my great uncle came over and spent breakfast with us after that we went shopping for tracking sip-lies such as ponchos, hats, gloves and tarps because we knew it was cold in the northern part of Vietnam in December. 


That night we got on the train late at night the train left and since it was a night train we got first class bunk beds and waited for 30 min watching a show then went to bed at 10:30 pm. We woke up to a stopping train and so we got of the train tiredly the taxi drove us to the tracking lobby and stayed there for a long time.  We dropped of our biggest backpacks and left with-our guides 

We went to go get food and rent shoes then we got to the beautiful rice fields but of course there was no rice because it was December. We  started treking and had so much fun and it only got better we saw so many water buffalo, chickens and pigs witch were so cute i fell many times and so did the rest of the rest of my family.

The first pit stop was at a traditional home were we ate lunch it was so good. Oh and our truer guid names were So and Chi they were so nice it started to rain and i stepped in a hole and i fell so many times by the end of the day we were covered in mud. We fi fished our5 hour trek with a lovely dinner and a sleep the roster woke us and could not get back to sleep because of the loud pigs.  We had a yummy breakfast and took of early. The day started with a slippery slip and a great day awaiting so we were off. Several hours past and we were having so much fun we got hungry so we went to a restaurant i got rice and the it came with meat and i was vegetarian so me and dad traded foods. Umm.


It was a long trek to the hostel but we finally made it. We got settled in and also met a few men from Paris they wee very nice we ate dinner and wen to bed i slept great! The next morning we woke with a yummy breakfast and we were off and a lovely day awaiting things were going very swell except for the couple falls but we finally made it to the water fall it was so incredible the water flowing down took my breath away it was so amazing although the water was so dirty you can see the garbage on the surface.

We left the water and saw many more animals and people the day went on and the sun went down we got a late lunch and then we were finished the whole treking experience. Now that was amazing. The taxi drove us back to the place were we started the trek and picked up our big packs on the way to our hotel i was  feeling home sick so i spent the rest of the day moaning. The next morning we ate a delicious pancake for breakfast. And then went for a walk in the hotel garden.

After went out for a walk and got lunch it was so good and then i saw a huge spider and that freaked me out. Later on we met up with our uncle Colin and went out for dinner on the way back we go scammed on a taxi so the taxi driver took the long way back and that charged us more but we bargained and brought the price down. We got home and went to bed the rest of the time in Sapa was boring and cold nothing happened except school. The last day we took a huge limo (minvan with comfy seats) for 8hors to our next destination the long ride went on and i tried to fall asleep but it did not work! Every 2 hours the limo driver would take pee break but only one of 3 stops i actually went pee. As our destination got closer and closer i got more and more exited after a few more hours and we were there FINALLY! We made it to the endangered primate rescue center.

EPRC - The Endangered Primate Rescue Center

We made it to the endangered primate rescue centre. As exited as we were we were equally tired so we got out of the car and went to our beds and fell asleep although we had not had dinner yet we were not hungry a few hours past and i heard a grumble coming from the stomach so we went for dinner at least it was already paid for by the rescue centre but we paid for the drinks oh and by the way the reason the dinner was free was because it was included in the bill for the monkey rescue center the next morning we got a tour of the center and we saw so many monkeys it was amazing and they told us that they rescue the endangered monkeys and the breed them so there is more of there species in the world then release after the tour they tolled us that there were120primates in the centre then we went on a boat ride and saw wild monkeys in the mountains and learned that on the leaves are millions of tiny pink snail eggs.after we went home and got lunch even though we did no monkey work that day there was still a week to go. At six am the next morning i woke up ready to do work so we walked over to the center and did work like bundling leaves, making 

enrichment (toys) for the monkeys, cleaning monkey cages and other fun jobs and that was our life for a week at the last day we were there we did2 special things we had a Christmas party and i got a Christmas present it was a shirt with the Vietnamese flag on it. And also we did something extra only some volunteers got to do we got to go in the kindergarten enclosure with the monkey the reason it was so special is because the monkey would sit on your lap and hug you and they would also point to where it wanted you to scratch and the one that sat with me was the baby and there faces looked like marshmallows. The next day we were leaving but i was ready. We took a 2 hour car to the train station it was still in the daytime and our train was at 10pm so we got a hotel for the day to keep our bags at and then went into the city and spent a few hours there we went into a market but did not get anything  and then got a drink and a ice cream after that it was getting late so we walked back to the hotel and went to the train station and got on the train.

Hoi Ann

And by the way we are on a over night bus that is why it is so late i stayed up watching an show until 10:30 and then went to bed it was a bumpy night but managed to sleep in the morning the train staff woke us at 6 am even though we arrived at 12 a the breakfast was disgusting so i did not eat we finally arrived and got a 1 hour taxi to our resort this resort was very fancy me and my brothers got a room to share and so did my parents we started the day with a swim in the pool and a lunch break even though we did no school this week we were exhausted. The day went on and we had dinner.

The next day was Christmas and it was awesome because we were presented with 2 gifts and we were totally fine with that but then we went for breakfast and then when we came back there was a pile of presents on the bed MY PARENTS ARE THE BEST!!! I got many 

amazing gifts like earrings, clothing, candy and many other things. Even though it was December it was still hot. At this resort we did many fun things like pool fun and wave jumping in the sea, the waves were so BIG. Although there was a rip tide i was stronger so it was this resort there was a free included breakfast that was a buffet witch had many delicious foods like waffles, pancakes, bacon, mango lots of mango, passion fruit and many other things. I remember we did a tiny bit of school but not to much. The next day we took a taxi to a famous bridge a few hours away it was a long drive but worth it. The bridge was amazing because it was held up by two golden Buddha hand. Once we crossed the bridge we found out that it was much bigger than we imagined. Oh and also it was in the mountains so it was very misty and we took a half an hour chair lift up. We did many things on the mountain like giant hedge maze and some other things like giant chess.we came down and went home and started packing our bags because we were leaving the next day.


We woke up in a good mood ready for a long day uncle Colin was still packing so we took a quick swim and then we were off to our taxi the taxi was two hours so i decided to take a sleep. I awoke to the arrival of the airport! We got out of the taxi and went into the airport surprisingly it was not that busy and we were a little early to check our bags in so we went to starbucks i got a cookies and cream frape it was so good. Finally it was time to check our bags in crossing our fingers our bags would arrive in Ho Chi Min the place we were flying too. After we went through security and passport control we started heading to our gate then we heard that our flight was delayed and hour anyway we frustratedly walked to our boarding gate and sat down and heard another announcement that said our flight is delayed another hour and gess what there was another announcement that said it was delayed again. Finally we boarded we were supposed to take of at 7pm and we took of at 11 pm gladly it was only a two hour plane so it was not that bad  i did not do much on the plane i watched a show and had a little sleep. We landed and got our badges we took a taxi to our hotel and stayed there for one night in the morning we took a bus to a boat and went to 

the macon river we toured that for a bit and then went to a coconut candy factory were we learned how to make coconut candies they were delicious after that we went to a be farm were i held a bee hive and we listened to Vietnamese music we also tried fresh honey and fruit. After that we went to our hotel to sleep the next early morning we did more activities like eating snails at a farm holing snakes watching my brother step into a muddy hole.we also went to a floating market where we ate lunch we also vent on a boat through a swamp we went to. A different hotel to sleep in the morning we tiredly got on a tuck tuck to our big boat taking us to The Cambodian border we got on the boat and we were on it for 3hours and we finally made it to the Cambodian border and as i was getting of the boat i dropped my flip flop into the ocean but my dad managed to grab it with a stik in time as we crossed the border i picked the most fresh mango.

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